PDD: We Don't Play Tricks On Double Eleven

2019 double 11 has come to an end, the major ecommerce giants have issued report cards. The data show that the turnover of Alibaba was 268.4 billion yuan all day, and JD.com issued more than 204.4 billion yuan of orders. However, PDD, another giant who is also actively preparing for Shuang11, did not release the figures, but released an open letter saying, “people are very concerned about numbers and big things, but we haven’t even had time to build real-time data screens, and companies are in a hurry to replenish, compare prices and subsidies.”

PDD: We Don't Play Tricks On Double Eleven

PDD’s alternative play impressed consumers, and some netizens admitted, “only PDD is serious about the festival.” Unlike other ecommerce platforms nearly a month ahead of schedule, the new ecommerce platform, PDD, appeared very calm, and it was not until the evening of October 30 that the company announced its double 11 game, which is a $10 billion subsidy. Subsidy for PDD is not a new move. As early as 618: 00 this year, PDD has already started ten billion subsidies, and in the following months, subsidies have even changed from temporary action to normal, and this year’s double National Day subsidy practice has also continued. PDD Zong Hui, who is in charge of the $10 billion subsidy program, sees that more subsidies are more “simple and rough”, that is, direct price cuts. On November 11 this year, PDD subsidized 20,000 categories, including 3C apples, Huawei, Xiaomi, and a large number of agricultural products. PDD 10 billion subsidy program leader Zong Hui said that 10 billion subsidies will not subsidize the whole category, the selection standard is popular style best-selling. If it is a minority category, PDD may not be as cheap as other platforms. The logic of subsidizing agricultural products is that fresh is high-frequency consumption, helping to retain users. Zong Hui also revealed that there is a price comparison group in the background of PDD. During major holidays, the price comparison group 24 The hour is online. If you find an increase in the number of searches for a particular item, the team members will communicate with the waiter, and the second will find the merchant to work together to develop a subsidy strategy. Part of the subsidy is shared by PDD and businesses, PDD accounts for the bulk. After the annual double 11 attack, different from other platforms explaining the rules in detail and combing the process, PDD only summed up the theme of this year’s double 11 with two lines of gilding in the special area-“No routine is not afraid of comparison, no deposit does not have to wait.”

PDD: We Don't Play Tricks On Double Eleven

Mobile phones, household appliances and digital products occupy the most eye-catching position in PDD’s Shuang11 district this year. With the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 11, the market has set off a wave of changing machines. PDD has been providing consumer subsidies since the launch date of iPhone 11, and still maintains the iPhone 11, which sells for 4799 yuan, 7399 yuan and 8099 yuan from the lowest price of 4799 yuan, 7399 yuan and 8099 yuan from the beginning of the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro Max coupon. According to the data, from last year’s double 11 to the end of September this year, PDD has sold nearly 200. Ten thousand iPhone, platforms have become one of the highest selling ecommerce channels for Apple phones. This year double 11, PDD in addition to continue to make profit to sell the new iPhone series products, but also Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO,VIVO and other brands of popular models included in the scope of subsidies, for each mobile phone to provide 200 yuan of consumer subsidies. During the event, all mobile phones can be purchased directly without a deposit.

In addition to iPhone, PDD also launched the “vehicle category of ten thousand people” activities on November 11. “you buy a car, I package oil”, following the miracle of “selling 400 national cars in 18 seconds” on May 19 this year, the sales activities of the whole vehicle, which was the first to innovate on November 11, hit again. Starting from zero o’clock on the 11th, PDD, together with five “national models”, such as Wuling Hongguang, SAIC Marquis, Bao Wo, Guanzhi, Chang’an, and so on, launched the “buy car and fuel” campaign. As long as consumers place orders within the prescribed time, On the basis of discount price, you can also get the first year of oil subsidy. It is reported that this is PDD to start the whole vehicle sales to To give back to consumers another industry initiative. According to PDD background data, the first seven kinds of double 11 sales of 800 units, 16 points below 1000 units. As of 09:26 on the 11th, all five models, including Changan CS75, Wuling Hongguang S3, Guanzhi 5S and Marquis ZS, Baowo BX5/BX7/BX7TS, were sold out. Businesses are transferring new inventory from other platforms. Xiuchun, director of automotive business at PDD, said the models were based on big data’s analysis and selection. “We creatively subsidize consumers directly for a year in the hope of creating more affordable and fun new consumption ideas for 483 million users to the end,” said Xiuchun, director of automotive business at PDD.

At the same time, household appliances such as television, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances have also become a new growth point. With the cooperation of the platform and the JVC television, the product benchmarking is set up, and the sales of the household appliance products on the basis of consumption subsidies and continuous drainage show explosive growth. Before that, a lot of JVC TV sets are tailored to the platform through the new brand plan and the share-stock cooperation, which is based on the core functions of the 4K high definition and the intelligent network, and has the same size as other brands in addition to the redundant application. It is a third of the same quality products and is popular with consumers. At present, it’s a lot of time. A total of Sony, Siemens, Haier, Chuangwei, TCL and more than 50 well-known household appliances brands at home and abroad enjoy “tens of billions of subsidies.” By the end of July, the platform had sold more than 1.6 million TV products alone, up more than 180 percent from the same period last year.

In that area of beauty and make-up, a lot of well-known cosmetics brands, such as the European and foreign famous cosmetics brand, are introduced into the “a billion-billion-dollar subsidy” range, and the prices and the real guarantee are also included. In the aspect of home, this year, the platform has reached a strategic cooperation with the Bao ‘an Group and the South. In the “New Brand Program” of consumption big data, production and development suggestions and price guidance to enable the manufacturer, to explore the intelligent and customized production, to bring the products with good value for consumers. In order to make consumers have no worries about the future, PDD in the strict selection of businesses, but also in conjunction with China people’s Insurance property insurance to launch customized genuine insurance, to ensure that consumers buy “tens of billions of subsidies” goods are brand authentic, and can enjoy the “fake one to pay 10” protection.

Chen qiu, vice-president of the institute of data research and research, said the platform would like to borrow this year’s double 11 to let e-commerce go back to the early stage. The “No routine is not afraid of the ratio, that is, the platform does not carry out the promotion activities such as the red package and the full reduction this year, let the consumer see the best price, and welcome the comparison with other platforms; and the platform does not advance the pre-sale and the non-payment period without the deposit, etc. The consumer can buy the product of his own heart meter at any time at a preferential price.” said that the “The platform insists that the consumer is not allowed to do the math problem, and all the offers will be user-oriented in the simplest way.”

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